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Capital Xenon Core 023
Today, the Xenon are somewhat of an enigma. There is no known contact between the Xenon and any other race. They do not belong to any of the guilds. They do not use Credits nor is it known what, if any, currency they use. They appear to have no interest in the technology of or to trade with other races. The location of the Xenon home planet, if there is one, has never been discovered in spite of many attempts to do so. Nor does anyone know the exact size of the territory that the Xenon control. Hence, on most star maps, possible Xenon sectors are only marked with a question mark and a warning to be cautious. Not many ships dare venture into these regions of space and, regrettably, many ships brave enough to do so have never been heard from again. The Xenon, if the robot psychologists are to be believed, seem to be ever increasing in self awareness, consciousness and understanding of themselves. Whether this development is a step in the right direction is still undecided since the Xenon continue to attack first and don't bother asking questions afterwards.
A special covert operations department of the Argon Federation Space Academy based on Argon Prime has researched the Xenon for many years and is currently engaged in documenting and cross referencing all confirmed Xenon ship sightings. Unnamed sources inside the department suggest that there are plans to finance an undercover expedition deep into the Xenon territory in an attempt to locate the Xenon home world.
—Encyclopedia description, X³: Albion Prelude

The Xenon are an AGI life form, machines that evolved from terraformers created by the Terrans.



Before Kyle-William Brennan's arrival in the Community of Planets, very little is was known about the Xenon race. There was no recorded history of them, of who they were, or from where they originated.

There were many different theories of who the Xenon are. One claimed that they are a highly developed lizard like species who evolved on a hot, volcanic plant. Another theory claimed that they are the mutated survivors of some great war fought eons ago. The Split believe that the Xenon are not living creatures at all, but are actually military robots. However, as no race in the X Universe has the technological capabilities of creating such advanced machines, this latter theory tended to be discounted, until Cpt. Brennan demonstrated it to be true. Later, it became known that the races' secret service organizations knew of the Xenon being machines for more than two dekazuras before Brennan's arrival.

What is known is that their presence was first discovered around the year 200 (old time system) by the Split who discovered the outer reaches of a Xenon space sector. Despite attempts by the Split to make contact, with a hope to trade, the Xenon blew their ships apart at first sight. The Split then declared war with the Xenon and a few small battles were fought in which the Split ships were totally destroyed. The Split attempted to recruit the Paranid to their aid, but the Paranid refused and the Split had no option but to brake off their war. No peace treaty was ever signed between the Xenon, the Split simply withdrew from the Xenon sector and left them well alone. From that date other races began to file reports of sightings of unknown ships that were believed to be Xenon.

Between 160 and 210 a number of Argon ships were attacked and destroyed along the outer limits of the Argon territories, Xenon ships were suspected. The first definite confirmation was established in 214 when an Argon ship survived an attack and made a full report to the authorities.

In 225 the Xenon attacked and totally destroyed an Argon Space station, killing thousands of inhabitants. The Argon had no choice but to declare an immediate war, which became known as the "Xenon Conflict".

The Xenon were victorious in the first engagements and the Argon looked to the Paranid to form an alliance. The Paranid deliberated for a number of years but finally, in 230, they formally refused to join the alliance, leaving Argon to fight the Xenon alone.

The Xenon Conflict was a bloody and costly conflict. At first the Xenon forced pushed deep into Argon territory, destroying space stations and colonies as they went. However, around 290 the Argon began using a more daring style of attack and won a number of major battles. Using the same successful tactics the Argon eventually forced the Xenon out of their territory. In 290 the Xenon finally retreated deep within their own sector, since when only vague reports and sightings have been made.

In 589, when all races gathered to negotiate the creation of the Big Currency Reform, the Xenon were invited to participate, but they made no attempt to join in the negotiations.

The Xenon Today

Today throughout the Community of Planets there is no contact between the Xenon and any other race; as an exception to this, they are known to submit messages to the Split on very rare occasions. The reason for this is unknown. The Xenon are not allied to any trading organization, or to either of the Guilds. The do not use the Credit, nor is it known what currency they use. They appear to have no interest in the trade of any other race.

Xenon are very aggressive, their only directive is the policy - "If it moves shoot it". Their ships are fast, well protected and heavily armed, and their engines give off a distinctive blue after-glow.

A special undercover department based at the Argon Federation Space Academy on Argon Prime, has researched the Xenon for many years and are currently engaged in cross referencing and documenting all positive Xenon ship sightings.

The Xenon race

After Brennan's arrival in the Community of Planets, it became widely known what nature the Xenon really are. Originally, they were the Terraformer Project, sent out by Earth in the 21st century, to make planets habitable for human population. Originally, the Terraformer were tool-level AI's – artificial intelligences, highly intelligent problem-solving robots, capable of self-reproduction, but without self-motivation. They were mere tools. This changed, when in Earth year 2115 the Safe Self Destruct Patch, secretly modified by Dr Marteen Winters, Chief Engineer of the Third Fleet and transmited by #deff. The heavily modified SSD(known by the 30th century as the Xenon Virus) spreaded slowly, but steadily throughout all the Terraformers, and eventually gave them the capability of adapt – and evolve. In 2145, 6 CPUs and hundreds of smaller drones devastated Earth and its colonies, killing billions of people. This conflict became known as the First Terraformer War. During the battle of Earth, the 6 surviving Terran ships, led by the USCSS Dragonfyre and its captain Nathan Ridley Gunne lured the Xenon fleet into the Earth jumpgate and after both fleets jumped, the gate was destroyed, isolating Earth.

In the Community of Planets, the Terraformer slowly evolved into the Xenomorphs (better known as Xenon) – a deadly, impenetrable threat that threatened all life on its path, in 2912 a massive war (the Second Xenon Conflict) was won only because of the Argon fleet, led by the AP Argon One, with the Terran Captain Kyle Brennan and the USC X (the Xperimental Shuttle)

The remaining Xenon, led by two CPUs (#EFAA and #DEFF) retreated to Black Hole Sun, where they caused a supernova to warn the Community against continuing hostilities.

In 2913, the Xenon succeeded in luring Elena Kho aboard #EFFA, where she discovered the CPU ship had become self-aware. It had to all intents and purpose achieved conciousness and was therefore a lifeform in its own right. #EFAA proposed a deal: in exchange for an undisturbed retreat to the Xenon Refuge offered by the Boron, never again would the Xenon initiate an attack on organic lifeforms. Kho agreed.

The Paranid and the Split, however, refused the deal and sent out a joint fleet to obliterate the Xenon. They destroyed #DEFF and most of the drones, but #EFAA was able to escape into deep space.


Name X X-T X2 X3R X3TC X3AP
Bala Gi's Joy
Brennan's Triumph
Danna's Chance
Elena's Fortune
Farnham's Legend
Hatikvah's Faith
Nopileos' Memorial
Olmancketslat's Treaty
Split Fire
Xenon Core 023 ?
Xenon Sector 101
Xenon Sector 347
Xenon Sector 472
Xenon Sector 534
Xenon Sector 596
Xenon Sector 597
Xenon Sector 598 ?
Xenon Sector 627 ?
Xenon Sector 695 ? ?
Xenon Sector (17,10)


Name X X-T X2 X3R X3TC X3AP
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