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X Rebirth
X Rebirth cover art.jpg
Cover art
Developer Egosoft
Publisher Deep Silver
Amazon favicon.png Amazon UK flag.png PC
Steam favicon.png Steam PC (download)

X Rebirth is the fourth game in the X series. It was released on 15 November 2013 for the PC. Unlike it's predecessors, it wasn't built on top of the same basic engine as the original X, but uses an entirely new game engine. The game is set in the year 2973, in a new X-Universe.



X Rebirth incorporates open-ended (or "sandbox") gameplay. As with previous installments in the series the game takes place in a universe that is active even when the player is not present, involving simulated trade, combat, piracy, and other features. The player as an individual may take part in these or other actions to gain notoriety or wealth, going so far as to be able to construct their own space installations and command fleets of starships, establishing what amounts to their own personal empire and dynamically and drastically altering the game world in the process.

X Rebirth features a new interface design, intended to reduce the initial complexity for new players, but instead made it much worse. However after release, many people attacked a lot of the design decisions made by Egosoft, and a number of customers requested refunds. Much of the old interface was restored after this.

On 2015-03-12 the first Linux version was released.

Unlike previous games that used jumpgates to travel between sectors, space highways are now used which greatly increase the speed of ships traversing them. Jumpgates now allow travel between solar systems.

Also, unlike most X games, you can only fly one ship, the Albion Skunk, but you can command any number of ships, no matter how big they are.


  • X Rebirth went through 3 iterations before being released, the second one was an Xbox 360 game, which is why the game has some remnants of Xbox code.
  • It had an absolutely disastrous launch, but it has improved quite a bit since then.
  • Although it is the worst received X Universe game, it was also the most successful.
  • It has received 2 DLC Expansions, Teladi Outpost, in December 11, 2014, and Home of Light, in February 25, 2016.



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