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X Rebirth
X Rebirth cover art.jpg
Cover art
Developer Egosoft
Publisher Deep Silver
Amazon favicon.png Amazon UK flag.png PC
Steam favicon.png Steam PC (download)

X Rebirth is the upcoming fourth game in the X series. It is scheduled to be released on 15 November 2013 for the PC. Unlike it's predecessors, it will not be built on top of the same basic engine as the original X: Beyond the Frontier, but will use an entirely new game engine. The game will be set after the events of X³: Albion Prelude in a new X-Universe.



A player will be able to upgrade the stations he build by adding new modules, such as turrets or communication devices. One of the major upcoming features is the ability to freely walk on the ships and stations the player lands on, even crawl inside the service tunnels. Unlike the and games, X Rebirth will have gameplay more similiar to X: Beyond the Frontier. This is because although the player still has the ability to buy other ships and remotely control them, he will only be able to sit inside the cockpit of his first ship, the legendary Pride of Albion, which will be largely upgradable (talking in X terms, through several ship classes) by the time.

Unlike previous games that used jumpgates to travel between sectors, space highways are now used which greatly increase the speed of ships traversing them.



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