X²: The Threat

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X²: The Threat
X2 - The Threat cover art.png
Cover art
Developer Egosoft
Publisher Deep Silver
Steam favicon.png Steam PC (download)

X²: The Threat is the second game in the X series.



In the original game (X-Beyond The Frontier), the player took on the role of an Earth space pilot named Kyle-William Brennan, marooned in a distant area of space, which is known to the inhabitants as “Community of Planets” – a vast network of solar systems, populated by alien species and humans alike, and interconnected via ancient jumpgates that apparently were there since before everyone else arrived.

Here, in our – the player’s – world, this area in space is known as the “X-Universe”, but of course, in the story, this name is not known...

Inhabited by various alien races, the player forged a living by trading goods, bounty hunting and taking on various missions. All the while, seeking for a way back home. During this time and after frequenting the different races, it became apparent that a machine-based race (known as the “Xenon”) was invading. The story climaxed with the player being instrumental in their defeat.

In X2, the player takes on the role of a pilot indigenous to the Community of Planets. The story begins with our soon-to-be hero and his companion attempting to steal a ship and after a failed, action packed escape attempt in a dense nebulae, he soon finds himself aboard a security ship, destined to live out his days on the cold, prison-mining world of Artur.

En-route the ship is stopped by an impressive battle cruiser under command of a man named Ban Danna, high-ranking member of the secret service of the Argon Federation. He gave Kyle (from X-BTF) lots of help in the past in his quest to defeat the Xenon and Kyle is now a key member of the corporation known as TerraCorp.

Ban Danna is well known and respected throughout the Community of Planets and the security ship Captain doesn’t hesitate to hand over the player when Ban Danna requests him.

Bewildered, the player is unsure what awaits him, but Ban Danna is calm and forceful as he explains that it is wrong to waste away a life on illegal pirate activities and this is his last and only chance of redemption.

The player jumps at the chance of a life outside the mining world and promises to follow a life of potential prosperity instead of piracy. A job with TerraCorp hauling freight seems a good bargain and he forges ahead in his new career.

But it isn’t long before his past catches up with him as he learns the real reason that he was saved from oblivion. Lost ships and technologies have to be found, journeys from Kingdom End to the new frontiers and beyond beckon, as the mystery unfolds. The discovery of a new race named the “Khaak” and their destructive intentions brings adventure fraught with danger and intrigue. The revelations from his past begin to emerge and these must be faced as he discovers his true identity and also that of his father. The correct decisions to be taken cause a dilemma with a struggle between his conscious and his loyalties.

But he must face them with strength if he is to unravel this web and meet the challenges that await him. Within a dynamic Universe and a plot expertly weaved together with a series of moving cut-scenes, planet locations and characters of interest, the story of “The Threat” is waiting to be told.




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