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Here are some common problems encountered by people who have imported new ships into X3, and common reasons for them

Invisible Ships


  1. Scene file not loading (not referenced properly in TShips.txt file).
  2. Scene file does not properly reference Ship Body
  3. Scene or Body not exported as proper type (Scene is a Body or vice-versa)

If the Scene File is not loading

The symptom of the scene file not loading is that nothing at all shows where your ship should be. No weapons, no polys, etc. Generally, this means that "Ship Scene" entry in the TShips.txt does not point to the BOD file for your scene.

  1. Check to make sure that your scene is in the catalog, what its name is, and what directory it is in.
  2. Check your TShips.txt and make sure that the Ship Scene points to your ship's scene's BOD file. Remember that the path is relative from objects directory
    Example: If your scene file is objects\ships\argon\argon_m3_scene.bod, then the entry in the TShips.txt should say ships\argon\argon_m3_scene.bod
  3. Check that the TShips line pointing to your scene does not include a file extension (BOB, BOD, PBB, PBD). X3 will find the extensions on its own, and putting one in can cause a mismatch.

If the Scene File is not loading the Body

The symptom here is that the weapons and effects of the ship appear floating in space with no ship body. Generally, this means tat the scene file does not correctly point to body file. (Take a look at the scene file syntax)

There are two things I can think of to test for this.

  1. Put the reference to your body in a known-good scene (like an Egosoft M3) and see if spawning that ship spawns your body. If it does, then you know the problem is with your scene file itself.
  2. Point your scene file at a known good body (again, an Egosoft M3 comes to mind) and see if your ship appears correctly. If so, the problem is likely with your body file.

The most common cause for (2) is that the path to the body is not correct.

  1. Make sure that you've not erased one of the "_1b" portions of the body reference.
  2. Check that the path to the body file is correct. (again, the scene file syntax entry is a reference)
  3. Make sure that the path to the body does not include an extension (PBB, PBD, BOB, BOD, etc.).

If the ship is loading but is black

This symptom indicates that X3 is trying to load materials/textures that it cannot find. The textures may simply have not been imported in to the mod correctly (or, in the case of an XSP, may not be in the XSP file correctly). In that event, locating the textures and manually putting them in the correct place in the mod will usually solve the issue.

A second option, which will leave you with a visible but textureless ship, is to simply delete the MATERIAL entries in the ship's body file. The ship will be grey in-game, but will be quite workable.

Cockpit Issues

Main Cockpit

If your cockpit is showing up inside your ship:

  1. Make sure that the cockpit object is in the correct spot in the body file and is joined to the model.
  2. Make sure that the entry in the Components.txt is correct and that the correct components file in the catalog.
  3. Cheat by moving your ship within Gmax so that the cockpit location is at [0,0,0]

Turret Cockpits

If your Turrets are showing up inside your ship: 1. Make sure you have the CameraDummys in the right spots. 2. Make sure you exported them, and that their Components.txt entries are in the catalog. 3. If they have bodies of their own, make sure that those are in the catalog, and are correctly referenced in TShips.txt.

Weapons not firing

View looks fine but weapons don't fire:

  1. Make sure the scene file is referencing the invisible weapon (or whatever shooting thing you are using).
  2. Make sure that the components entries for your weapons are in the Components.txt and that it is in the catalog.
  3. If you have a model for your weapon, make sure the BOD file is in the right place in the game.

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