Titan (ship)

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X²: The Threat
Race Argon
Class M2
X³: Reunion
Race Argon
Class M2
X³: Terran Conflict
Race Argon
Class M2
X³: Albion Prelude
Race Argon
Class M2
Price (Cr) ?
Hull 5,000,000
Speed (m/s) 35.0-49.0
Accel. (m/s²) 3-4
Steering (rpm) 0.5-0.7
Shield 4 x 2 GJ
Shield gen. (MW) 14,400
Laser (MJ) 276,400
Laser gen. (MW) 4,142
Cargo 10,000
Cargo class XL
Hangar -
Guns ?
Missiles Mosquito Missile
Wasp Missile
Dragonfly Missile
Silkworm Missile
Hornet Missile
Disruptor Missile
Firefly Missile
Thunderbolt Missile
Tempest Missile
Hurricane Missile
Cyclone Missile
Tornado Missile
Typhoon Missile
Firestorm Torpedo
Aurora Missile
Remote Guided Warhead
Beluga Missile
Hammerhead Missile
Rapier Missile
Firelance Missile
Wildfire Missile
Windstalker Missile
Banshee Missile
Availability Argon Prime
Light of Heart
Omicron Lyrae
Up to the building of Argon One, the Titan was the biggest ship in the Argon fleet. It is a destroyer class battleship armed with 18 lasers. Although heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, in the hands of a capable Argon Captain, this ship is a powerful weapon with a noble heritage. Its predecessors fought and won many major battles in both the Xenon Conflict and Boron Campaign. Since then the ship has been regularly updated and redesigned, but is still basically the same ship.
—Encyclopedia description, X³: Albion Prelude

The Titan is an Argon M2 destroyer.

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