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Earth year Argon year Event
~-5,000,000,000 The first species of the "Old Ones" comes into existence.
~-3,500,000,000 Species from the outer galaxies of the universe begin to form the community of the Old Ones.
~-1,500,000,000 Great War against the Outsiders (a species supposedly coming from outside the universe).
~-1,000,000,000 The community of the Old Ones solidifies to the form still in existence to the present day.
They start building jump gates.
They map the galaxy.
Earth's star system is not visited for unknown reasons.
~-500,000,000 The first completely mechanical species (the Sohnen) is promoted to members of the Old Ones. From then on they are the executive members of the Old Ones.
~-50,000 A fleet of ships land on Nishala, the Boron homeworld and begin to study the species. They are discovered by the indigenous race (the Boron) and begin to provide knowledge. They are known as the "Helpers".
1961 -209 Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human in outer space.
1969 -201 Neil Armstrong sets foot on the moon as the first human on another world.
1977 -193 Atari Corporation releases Space Invaders.
1992 -178 Prof. Eudgene Podkletnov and Prof. Nieminen (University of Tampere, Finland) discover a way to shield gravity. The measured effect is very small (objects lose only about 0.2% weight) but shows the way. The scientists are disrespected for their work and the results are withdrawn from the public.
1999 -171 NASA's Break Through Propulsion Physics Program investigates and confirms the results. This is not made public.
Japanese economical crisis is building up; first Japanese banks crash.
2007 -163 Japanese economy at their lowest point. Many of the rich Japanese people flee to other countries.
International Space Station becomes fully operational.
2011 -159 Quantum computers are dominating the market.
Nano technology is now near practical usability.
Japan is slowly recovering from its economical crisis, becoming Earth's center of technological research and science.
2022 -148 Japanese language, besides English, has now become one of the most important languages in the world (and the preferred language of science).
A student at the University of Tokyo (Ashizava Kazuko) accidently discovers the jump gate principle while doing other theoretical research.
2024 -146 First experiments with small artificial singularities show practicability of jump gate principle.
2036 -134 The first two large, space based jumpgates are finished and tested between Earth and Mars orbit.
2037 -133 One of the jumpgates is sent to Alpha Centauri, scheduled for arrival in approximately 78 years.
Jump tests are undertaken while the gate is on its way.
2041 -129 The Earth gate accidently loses lock on the second gate that is on its way to Alpha Centauri. While re-establishing the lock, scientists find out, that the Earth gate tends to lock on random locations throughout the galaxy.
It is discovered, that these locations are jump gates of alien origin.
The Old Ones eventually take notice of Earth, when Earth gate locks to one of their own gates. This is not according to their long-term plans, but those plans are now changed slightly. Jump gates throughout the galaxy are reconfigured immediately, to form a maze of many solar systems that are void of intelligent life. Humans are recognised as extremely dangerous – and dangerously intelligent.
2042 -128 On Earth, there are now almost no international conflicts anymore, only national problems. Ecological problems are slowly getting under control.
Unmanned probes are sent from the Earth gate through the alien gates; results are promising, but unsatisfying, since the probes are not intelligent enough.
The Nations agree to send a manned expedition through the alien jump gates as soon as possible.
2043 -127 Start building the research spacecraft Winterblossom.
Message drones are invented just to establish comms between the Winterblossom and Earth.
2046 -124 The Winterblossom starts to explore space and solar systems beyond Earth gate. Aboard the ship are twelve scientists of all areas, led by the space veteran Captain René Farnham, who is a scientist himself.
2048 -122 The Winterblossom returns to Earth after a two year journey (which is one year longer than originally planned). They report to have found a system of dozens or hundreds of alien jumpgates but no intelligent alien lifeforms whatsoever, and no hints thereof, except the gates themselves. But there seem to be many planets that might be colonised and/or terraformed.
A discussion amongst politicians suggests a budget for a Space Force in case of unfriendly alien contact.
Also, the possibilities of terraforming is talked through.
2059 -111 The first ship of the new founded international Space Force (USC, United Space Command) is stationed in Earth orbit to protect the planet from possible dangers (alien attacks are not publicly named as not to disturb the people). Nobody really believes in danger, except some paranoid military minorities.
2062 -108 Scientists, and not much later their families, colonise the first man-made stations outside the solar system.
2063 -107 Building of a giant trade complex/metropolitan near longitude 0 is finished. It has two space stations. More than 100 million people are living and working there.
Everyone is speaking Japanese; from there, Japanese is taken to the stars.
Earth economy and ecology thrives; becoming better and better.
There are no large scale wars on Earth any longer.
2066 -104 The first terraformer fleet (six robot ships) leaves Earth.
Every three years, a new terraformer fleet leaves Earth.
2069 -101 First planet/station created by a terraformer fleet is manned by humans.
Gen- and nano technology eliminates most of the plagues of mankind.
2084 -86 The first terraformer fleet capable of reproducing leaves Earth.
2094 -76 There are 23 USC war ships; they are in an extremely bad shape. Five are not functional at all and are in a high parking orbit over Earth.
2099 -71 Terraforming project is cancelled; no new terraformer fleets are built.
Not all of the existing terraformer fleets can be reached via message drones and thus continue reproducing and terraforming; nobody on Earth knows this.
World wide unemployment is below 7% now. There is no hunger anymore on Earth, and no third world countries.
Everyone speaks a modern form of Japanese as their second or first language.
2115 -55 The 2nd man built jump gate reaches Alpha Centauri and becomes fully operational; but it is not really needed, since Alpha Centauri has two alien jumpgates of its own.
The second planet of Alpha Centauri, called Taurus, quickly becomes the largest colony outside the solar system with nearly 100,000 colonists. The planet has atmosphere, plants and many natural resources.
A software update for the remaining few terraformer (which were discontinued for more than fifteen years already) is sent out via message drones and radio and reaches more terraformer fleets than are still known to exist. They also distribute the update amongst each other.
This software update, maintained sloppily and carelessly, introduces several major design flaws, which were never in the original software.
2145 -25 Completely unexpected, a fleet of six terraformers (almost forgotten now) enters solar system and tries to terraform the inner planets including Earth, mining resources and building stations, thereby starting to destroy man built structures.
2146 -24 The terraformer war devastates Earth and most colonies. In the end, Nathan R. Gunne is able to lure the main part of the terraformer fleet through the Earth gate, which is destroyed afterwards, so the terraformers cannot return to Earth.
There is almost no space flight on Earth for several hundred years to come, and it is not considered to build a jump gate again.
The plans of the Old Ones, already endangered by Earth inventing jump gates on their own, are now finally toppled by the raging terraformer fleet. To construct a working community of species, able to survive - including survival of the terraformers -, the Old Ones take the only option: They reconfigure jump gate routes of many star systems and many species, to form a closed loop where nobody can get in or out. Only species which have encountered the terraformer before during those past 80 years, are inside this loop. This is the day, when the "X-Universe" is actually created (="stitched together").
The Teladi home planet Ianamus Zura and one of its lesser colonies are separated by the changed jump gate routes. There is not much space flight and technical knowledge left on this teladian colony.
2147 -23 There's a fight over the second planet of Alpha Centauri, Taurus: the remaining TF-Earth fleet is fighting against Nathan R. Gunne's fleet. Most of Taurus is destroyed; of the population of 100,000 only 20,000 humans survive. The terraformer can be beaten – for now.
2170 0 After it becomes more and more clear, that no return to Earth will be possible, ever, the government of the exiled humans agrees to purge Earth from the immediate history books to start with a new era.
Many people are unhappy with this decision.
2184 14 A large planet, about 12 jumps away from Taurus is discovered. It seems ideal for human settlement. Many colonists go there. The sun of this system is called "Sonra" and the planet dubbed Sonra-4, commonly referred to as "Four".
Still, there are some voices that want to return to counting in Earth Years and have Earth history taught at school.
2215 45 Nathan R. Gunne dies of old age (93 years)
Not many people complain about the purged memory of Earth anymore; only disciples of history still know the details.
2220 50 Boron colonise one of their nearby moons.
Paranids develop space travel.
2241 71 To honour the memory of R. Gunne, the Planet "Four" (Sonra-4) is renamed Argon.
2270 100 Emperor Thuruk is (still) Patriarch of the Split.
Split evelop crude rockets and colonise moons.
2272 102 The government of the exiled humans is relocated from Taurus to Argon (Sonra-4).
The Planet is thus known as Argon Prime.
2300 130 Paranids meet Argons.
2330 160 Reports begin to emerge of unidentified spaceships appearing on the outer edges of the Argon Federation. These reports increased until the year 210 when these unidentified ships first began attacking and destroying Argon ships. It is supposed, that these ships are terraformer, that survived and reproduced somewhere. In the common language, these (still rare) attackers are now called "Xenon" (which is Greek for "alien"); it is not known who thought up this name, but it sticks quickly.
2368 198 Martinus Sandas, an Argon history student, wants to revive the memory of Earth and have Earth history and time counting back in place. Most people regard him as a lunatic.
2370 200 Split meet Paranids.
Split meet Xenon.
2372 202 History student Martinus Sandas forms the "Truth about Earth" Foundation; a group of no more than three people. Nobody really listens to them.
2376 206 Xenon Attacks are not so rare anymore. Somewhere, it is supposed, the Xenons are preparing for war.
A great-granddaughter of Nathan R. Gunne, by the name of Nyana Gunne, finds logs of her ancestor; in which he pleads to destroy the Earth gate, as not to give away human technology to the terraformer/Xenon, that could betray the secret of the jump gates and endanger Earth.
Martinus Sandas and Nyana Gunne meet, because they find, that both their goals are compatible.
2377 207 Nyana Gunne and Martinus Sandas are able to buy an old ship (former Earthfleet, almost 250 years old) and go searching for the old Earth gate II. They are a crew of six: Martinus Sandas, Nyana Gunne, Randol Niddong, Jidlak Andreju, Sonja Khadir, Jawn Mantell.
To honour Nyanas Great-Grandfather Nathan R. Gunne, the old ship is dubbed AP Gunner, and the six crew members, friends all of them, like to call themselves the "Gunners" with pride.
2378 208 Nyana Gunne and Martinus Sandas become lovers.
2381 211 Xenon attacks are getting more and more aggressive and destructive.
Argon is preparing for war.
The AP Gunner finds the old Earth Gate and destroys it's electronics thoroughly, but leaving the hull untouched. They put an inscription on a lid inside the gate's machinery, explaining who and when and for what reason the gate had been destroyed.
With pictures of the Earth gate, Martinus, Nyana and the rest of the Gunners are able to convince quite some people in the years between 211-214. The Gunners' "Truth about Earth" foundation now has over 100 members, with numbers still increasing.
A file is created by the Gunners to collect all known facts about Earth; it is called "The Book Of Truth".
2384 214 An Argon ship survived a Xenon attack and the survivors reported the first sightings of their attackers, who are now positively identified as terraformer – but somehow modified, mutated, and with more different shapes than had ever been constructed. They are very "Xenon" (alien).
2385 215 Between 214 and 225 the skirmishes escalated, cumulating in the Xenon attacking and destroying "The Antigone", a major Argon space station killing thousands. In retaliation for this attack the Argon had no choice but to declare war on the Xenon. This war became known as the Xenon Conflict.
Nyana Gunne is believed to be aboard the Antigone, while Martinus Sandas is on Argon Prime.
2387 217 The ship AP Gunner with their crew gets lost and was never again seen.
The Xenon Conflict is getting worse over the years; very slowly, though.
2390 220 Boron develop weapons of mass destruction. "Helpers" leave the planet and never return.
2395 225 By the year 225 the Kingdom of Boron stretched far beyond their own solar system with colonies established on many deep space planets.
2400 230 The Argon Federation looked to their allies the Paranid for help but, after much debate and discussion, in 230 the Emperor of the Paranid finally refused to join the war, and relationships between the two races deteriorated.
Between the years 230 and 255 the Xenon increased their attacks and the Argon Federation lost battle after battle. Many space stations and colonies were lost and slowly the Xenon took over more territory.
2425 255 The tide turned around the year 255 when the Argon space fleet enjoyed a number of spectacular and daring victories. Slowly, bit by bit they forced the Xenon back to their frontiers, regaining their lost territories.
2460 290 By 290 the Argon's had succeeded in forcing the Xenon Fleet from all Argon Federation Territories and the attackers finally retreated back to wherever they had come from in deep space.
2469 299 By the year 299 the Split had chased The Boron back to their home planet and their Kingdom lay in ruins. What the Split hadn't destroyed they had taken over. They amassed a large force and were just about to launch a major attack on Planet Boron when they were suddenly attacked by a ships from a race they had never encountered before - The Argon.
2470 300 In 300 an Argon Deep Space Fleet was dispatched in an attempt to discover the Xenon home territories.
2493 323 The Boron had secretly been in contact with The Argon since 323, and for the next few years the two races had been forging the foundations of an alliance that would establish trade links that were the beginnings of the "Foundation Guild."
& A community of Argon deep space mining and exploration ships are attacked by the Split. They are devastated by this attack but continue to fight back during the following years. There are families on these ships. Women and children are all killed during these exchanges.
2494 324 Whilst awaiting a decision from the home planet the Argon fleet was attacked by a smaller fleet of Split warships, among them were some space ships of the Paranid race. The decision was made immediately, and once again the Argon were involved in a major war. This one came to be known as the Boron Campaign.This alliance with the Argon came just in time for the Borons, as by 324, the attacking Split had forced them back almost to their home planet.
2496 326 The Argon dispatched a powerful fleet to the Borons aid, and after a huge battle in 326 the alliance was successful when together they managed to defeat a huge attacking fleet of Paranid and Split in a battle fought in the skies over the Borons home planet.
2520 350 Eventually Split and their allies the Paranid were forced to concede and the war formally ended in 350. As a result of this peace treaty the Argon and the Boron formed a permanent alliance called the "Foundation Guild". This guild is not only establishes permanent trading links, but controlled and policed them. The Argon Mark was chosen as its currency.
The entry into the Boron Conflict by the Argon in 350, mainly due to the involvement of the Paranid, saved the Boron race from extermination. The combined Argon and Boron Fleet destroyed the attackers and pushed the enemy alliance back.
2522 352 The Split and the Paranid then fell out among themselves and continued to battle each other until they too reached an agreement.
2570 400 Applying advanced technology supplied by The Argon, Boron scientists soon developed highly sophisticated weaponry, and fighting side by side, the two allies forced The Split and The Paranid back into space, regaining many territories belonging to the Kingdom of Boron. This concerted effort resulted in a declaration of peace in 400.
Split dismantle the position of "Emperor".
2582 412 The Argon federation and the Kingdom of Boron establish the Foundation Guild
2583 413 Paranid and Split found the "Profit Guild" to contract the Foundation Guild.
2700 530 Teladi colonies re-discover space travel.
2720 550 In 550 a "new" race, the Teladi, entered the space lanes and, despite deputation's made from the Foundation Guild, began trading with the Profit Guild, Great suspicions is put on this action by both the Argon and the Boron, but the main reason why the Teladi refused to join the foundation Guild was that it refused to enter into the Argon Mark currency, instead insisting on using its own native Teladi Buckzoid currency.
2733 563 Teladi become menber of the Profit Guild.
2759 589 In 589 a great step forward is made when members of both the Foundation Guild and the Profit Guild agree upon a common currency called Credits. From this date onwards the X Universe operated on the Credit system of currency. This event is known as The great Currency Reform and to date has been the only occasion where the five races of the X Universe have ever come to an agreement over anything.
2770 600 the Split weapon moratorium declares that energy weapons don't fall under the jurisdiction of the laws to control war weaponry. The Community of Planets agrees to keep the peace.
2773 603 Large accident on the pleasure station "Ferryman" destroys the station killing seven thousand Argon's. The resultant pollution marks the area off limits for 30 years. Large scale nuclear power plants are banned in all known space and only small scale devices are used as backup or to power engines in ships. Majority of energy used in space comes from reusable energy cells which store captured solar energy. Big business develops around these energy plants. All races sign the "Energy Accord". Space becomes safer.
2784 614 First interplanetary conference for Security and Collaboration in Space.
2793 623 Siobhan Norman II is born; she, as all the females in her family line, bears the slow-aging genes.
2870 680 The Paranid develop the "Slave" chip. This is a technological breakthrough which allows beings who carry it to operate computer systems by thought alone. The chip is medically inserted into the brain stem and becomes a sixth sense. It allows data to be fed to the recipient directly and is a two way device.
2876 686 The Teladi, being the most influential financial Power in the Federation of Planets, manage to push through usage of their time system based on Sezuras and Jazuras.
2905 735 Terraformer/Xenon Jumpship enters Solar System.
(Earth) John Friedman and Ayse McCallum are killed in an attempt to salvage the supposedly defective jumpship.
Earth government agrees on researching into a jumpdrive based on the remains of the terraformer/Xenon jumpship.
& After many attempts through negotiation fail to have the high/low price thresholds and trade levies lowered, Moo-Kye (Argon female and ruthless pirate) forms the Yaki (from Argon word Yakuza – mafia – Yaki means "Many Mafia") and they begin to build an empire in deep space between the Split and Teladi sectors. This is done in secret.
2906 736 The Paranid develop the "Super Slave" chip in secret. After much misuse of the original "Slave" chip for pleasure and interrogation and many reports of comas being induced, the Paranid ironically ban it's use but not its manufacture.
"Super Slave" has longer use, greater range, greater capability.
At the very moment the "Super Slave" station goes online, it is attacked by an unknown fleet of pirates. The initial batch of 100 Super Slaves are stolen and the station, workers and all plans for the new chips are destroyed.
2908 738 Brett (son of Berny) is born on Argon Prime. Berny dies during the birth. Brett's father is unknown and he begins a life in an orphanage.
2912 742 Captain Kyle Willam Brennan is marooned in the X-Universe during the first manned testing of the jumpship prototype.
Major Elena Kho is sent to the X-Universe to rescue Captain Brennan.
The Xenon are defeated in a great Xenon war.
The Old Ones send a message through their executive, the Sohnen, to keep the Community of Planets from completely destroying the Xenon. There has never been any report of a direct contact to the Old Ones or the Sohnen before.
Nopileos ship Nyanas Luck crashes on the far side of the Split planet Nif-Nakh, leaving him alone in the dreadful jungle hell.
The jumpgate routes are re-arranged.
2920 750 Mi Ton (a Boron physisican and astro physist) joins his Argon friend (Mitch) in deep space sector Echo Seven-Two (Echo references are Argon military designations for sectors). They begin work on studying the positive and negative matter patterns that are emitted from the jump gates.
2928 758 Yaki begin disrupting trade lanes. A joint Teladi and Split fleet sent to destroy them is itself completely destroyed.
Brett (who has come through an early life in the Argon Navy) is witness to an attack on the mines on Bevu (he actually pilots one of the attack ships). The attack on the Yaki sympathisers goes wrong and they barely escape. The captain of the Argon frigate "Excel" makes bad tactical decisions. This is the first incling that something is wrong.
Argon, Boron and Paranid initially refuse to help the Split and Teladi (publicly).
Yaki launch attacks on Argon deep space Echo stations destroying two whole sectors.
Argon declare war on Yaki and mobilise the fleet. This becomes known as the "Great Trade War".
Yaki and Argon fleets meet in sector "Echo Three". Large battle is won by the Argon navy (just). Brett unknowingly destroys a transport ship with 300 on-board.
Captain of Argon Four (large carrier) unknowingly crashes his ship into a frigate during the battle. Both ships are destroyed.
Yaki battleship vanishes during the battle – using a new stealth technology.
Mi Ton and Mitch present their initial findings to the Argon/Boron governments. They think they are tracking the matter levels from the past use of the gates and they announce that they expect the gates to be re-aligned soon. They also mention "Earth" and their apparent ability to map where it is. They get extra funding and return to deep space.
It becomes apparent that Brett and others have had the Super Slave installed (Slave chip is standard procedure for Navy personnel) and the Yaki used these during the war to send false data to the hosts. This explains the Excel incident, Argon Four and Brett's destruction of the transport ship.
Brett is sent to Paranid space and trains in the use of the Super Slave. The Paranid call these Argon with Super Slaves - Kotu (the gifted ones). The Kotu spread out into the cosmos and keep a low profile. Brett becomes a trader. The Kotu are under the direct command of the Argon admiral Stacey.
2930 760 Moo-Kye takes what is left of her fleet and heads for Echo Seven-Two (and Mi Ton and Mitch) to obtain the gate alignment data. She has to make the final sector journey by conventional means (to avoid detection). This journey takes two years.
Brett meets "Spirit" an Argon female. They becomes lovers and setup a small trading empire.
2932 762 Yaki attack on Echo Seven-Two is discovered. Kotu are sent to intervene.
Yaki attack before Kotu arrive. Sector station and Mi Ton and Mitch are taken prisoner after a brief battle. Boron cruiser "Prince Heed" is destroyed in the fight.
Kotu with the help of the frigate Excel retake the sector.
Brett and Spirit decloak the Yaki battleship (using their Super Slaves) and attempt to find Mitch and Mi Ton.
Mitch is dead (killed by Moo-Kye). Mi Ton is close to death. Brett believes he has killed Moo-Kye. The battleship unexpectedly jumps.
The gate alignment data jumps with Mi-Ton and the battleship. Brett comes around in a strange place with strange creatures. They are in a Kha'ak sector.
2934 764 Julian Gardna is hired by TerraCorp.
The Kha'ak invade the X-Universe, razing the Argon sector of President's End.
The Battle of Omicron Lyrae occurs.
2935 765 The Kha'ak invasion is finally defeated with the aid of the rediscovered Terrans, though they continue to launch smaller attacks.
The Earth government is offered membership into the Argon Federation, which they decline.
2938 768 The Terrans are reunited with their lost colony of Aldrin. They also reclaim several adjoining sectors previously lost to the terraformers.
The Argon spearhead an invasion of Kha'ak space. It is succesful, and the Kha'ak are banished from the X-Universe forever.
The Hub is discovered by Julian Brennan and Bala Gi. It is used by the Terrans to connect the previously-seperate gate network Aldrin is part of to the first Terran jumpgate to be built in centuries, which orbits Neptune.
2942 772 After having also refused to join the Community of Planets, the Terrans covertly introduce a secret service network to into the Argon Federation. It is eventually discovered, noticably cooling relationships between the two nations.
2944 774 Under the auspices of its AGI control legislation, a Terran fleet is deployed to the edge of Argon territory.
Knowing that they cannot defeat the USC in a direct confrontation, the Argon develop terraformer technology in secret under direction of the Beryll.
Saya Kho and Sherman Hiatu are deployed to the Sol system as undercover operatives.
2946 776 The Second Terraformer War begins as terraformer drones under Beryll control arrive in the Sol system and attack Terran planets.
2947 777 The jump gate network begins to fail, heralding the death of the Community of Planets.
2948 778 The Torus Aeternal is destroyed through the sabotage of Saya Kho, leaving Earth defenceless to the terraformer fleet.
Only through the combined efforts of Dr Jei Nirin, Prior Admiral Tebathimanckatt and Lieutenant Colonel Elena Lindisfarne Kho is the terraformer fleet destroyed. In the process Kho sacrifes her life to save Earth.
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