Senator's Badlands

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Senator's Badlands
Owner Yaki
Security Border
Population 43,220,674
Planets 2
Suns (%) 150
Gate dist. (km) 90
North Ocracoke's Storm
South Weaver's Tempest
Mired in the torment of a war without honour, rumour suggests the Yaki have chosen this sector as a point of respite and for many of them, a place to call home. Argon and Paranid scouts returning from missions have reported ships known to be of Yaki origin, patrolling both this and the adjacent sector of Ocracoke's Storm. Clearly both sectors offer a battlefront upon which to launch further attacks, while protecting the dark secrets thought to dwell deep within the Badlands. The sector's name is a clear sign of defiance to the Argon and a warning of past mistakes for the Teladi.
—Map description, X³: Terran Conflict

Senator's Badlands is a Yaki sector. It contains the only known Yaki Shipyard and Yaki Stock Exchange, so if you have got good relations with the Yaki you may find some interesting options for trading. On the other hand you should not pass this sector if your Yaki relations are not good because the sector is usually heavy guarded by a Akuma destroyer and some Yaki fighters.


X³: Terran Conflict

  • Yaki Shipyard

X³: Albion Prelude

  • Yaki Shipyard
  • Yaki Stock Exchange
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