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Nathen R. Gunne was born in the Venus Colony and graduated from the Venus Flight Academy when he was just 25. He began his Earth Fleet career as second officer and, by the age of 30, was the Captain of a fighter ship. However his tactical flying techniques were considered too daring and, after being demoted for insubordination, he left the Earth Fleet and became a free ranging cargo pilot.

No official records exist of his career from the age of 32 - 40, however it is believed that during this period he flew as a SAR (search and rescue) pilot.

When the Terraformer fleet first attacked the Alpha Centurai Colony he lead a small sortie of victorious independent fighters and as result was recalled to the Earth Fleet as a fighter pilot. After the destruction of the Venus Colony the Earth powers recognized they needed someone with his special flying skills and experience in charge and he was duly promoted to Earth Fleet Commander.

Once in charge he organised special squadrons of highly trained pilots who were able to attack the Terraformers ships from close up. However Commander Gunne knew these brave defenders would never stop the attackers. In desperation he developed the famous tactic that would rid Earth of the Terraformers.

It is a tribute to the vision and bravery of Commander Gunne that he lead his Earth Fleet volunteers from the front, entering the Jump Gate first with the full knowledge that the Earth Fleet was entering a totally unknown and uncharted area of deep space, with no way back and closely followed by the entire deadly Terraformer War Fleet.

We have no way of knowing what happened at the other side of the gate or what fate befell this great Earth Commander, only that his action saved the Earth.

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