Ianamus Zura

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Ianamus Zura
Owner Teladi
Security Core
Population ?
Planets 12, Zura is the 9th
Suns (%) 1, Ianamus
Gate dist. (km) ?
North Eighteen Billion
East Homily of Perpetuity
West New Income
"The Teladi have only recently re-discovered this historically important system. Ianamus Zura already has its own thriving economy, mainly due to its position on a busy trade route. It provides a broad range of raw materials to many neighbouring systems and serves as the HQ of both the Profit Guild and Teladi Company in the new territories."

Ianamus Zura is one of the most important sectors of the Teladi Space Company, both economically and historically. The ninth planet of the star Ianamus, Zura, is the homeworld of the Teladi race, and the only world where male Teladi exist.

Ianamus Zura was disconnected from the by the Ancients back in the 22nd century and remained isolated for many years, until it finally became reconnected to the network in 2913.

Unfortunately for the Teladi, this happiness could not last, as the Ancients disconnected the gates of the sector, along with every other jumpgate in the Milky Way, to keep the Xenon from spreading.

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