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This is a short tutorial on how to change which lasers can be used by a turret on a ship. It's assumed that you have the Ship Manager program by Cycrow, though I'll hopefully expand this to working entirely with X3 Editor. This tutorial will be working heavily with the TCockpits.txt


Adding a custom turret from the TCockpits file to a ship using Ship Creator

  • Go into ShipCreator and on the TCOCKPITS tab choose "Import".
  • Select your mod and scroll down and check off any custom cockpits you just made.
  • Choose "customize ship"
  • Go to Turrets
  • Select a turret.
  • Choose the cockpit you made for that turret.

If there's already an existing ship that has the ones you want, then it's not too bad. Find the SS_COCKPIT entry and change the cockpit in Ship Creator to the one you like.

Using Ship Creator to make a custom turret

You can try using the "customize ship" option in Ship Creator. Go to Turrets Select a turret. Choose "Custom Cockpit" Choose "New" Name it. Choose the lasers.

Looks like a bug that Ship Creator erases old custom cockpits in the XSP when you do this, so be careful of modifying ships tha already have TCOCKPITS.

Editing the TCockpits to make a custom turret

  • Find out what the "possible lasers" number needs to be (if you go to the Lasers/Weapons tab and select the ladout you want, that number at the bottom is what you are looking for).
  • Open up TCOCKPITS in your MOD (ship creator for example), and create a new entry (use X3 Editor if you don't know how to keep the file working in notepad).
  • Add a new turret with a unique name.
    • Likely use 4512 for the scene
    • Put in the possible lasers number from the step above.
  • Save the TCOCKPITS file.

Now follow Italic textAdding a custom turret from the TCockpits file to a ship using Ship CreatorItalic text from the top of the page.

Installing your edited ship back into your mod using Ship Installer

Obviously, when you are done, you will need to reimport the ship into the mod with Ship Installer (you should likely remove it, close ship installer, then restart ship instaler and install your modded version of the XSP, unless you have also renamed the ship and are making a variant).

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