Getsu Fune

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Getsu Fune
Owner Argon
Security Border
Population ?
Planets ?
Suns (%) ?
Gate dist. (km) ?
North Xenon Sector 534
East Menelaus' Paradise
This very remote system was discovered several Jazuras ago by chance by an adventurer. The governments of the individual races could not agree on who should administer this system in the future. In order to underline their own requirement in this area of space each race built space stations. Despite the hefty protests of the Patriarch of the Split, the female discoverer was appointed during the transition period as independent administrator of this region. Each government also sent their own space workers and colonists, transporters and combat ships, and even mighty destroyers to keep the peace in this virgin system. It was the desire of the discoverer of this system to name it after a ship, in which another female star warrior found her way into the X Universe. The system is now under administration by the Terracorp, who are starting to bring in their own stations and occupy empty spaces within the commerce grid.
—Map description, X³: Albion Prelude

Getsu Fune is an Argon sector. Discovered during the Perseus Mission, it was originally controlled by the Boron.

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