Circle of Labour

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Circle of Labour
Owner Argon
Security Border
Population ?
Planets ?
Suns (%) ?
Gate dist. (km) ?
North Heretic's End
South Omicron Lyrae
This Argon colony was founded by Kleo Gult, head of the Argon Agricultural Council, but as work continued, it was discovered that more uses could be found for the system. The sector is owned by the AAC which means very little money has been put aside for updating non-essential technology. Residents have thus needed to find a way to make money apart from selling wares and produce. It is believed that there are some illegal goods being sold in the sector, but this has yet to be proven as residents police and protect this sector themselves. Streams of nebula also inhabit this system, and Circle of Labour is usually home to several scientists who try to find a way to mine this untouched resource. The system is unusual as the sun bursts with strong phases of intense light.
—Map description, X³: Albion Prelude
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