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Welcome to Argonopedia, the X series encyclopædia that anyone can edit. We started in January 2012 and are now working on 415 articles. Our current focus is X Rebirth, a space simulation game developed by Egosoft and the latest title in the series.

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Albion Prelude is the main plot of the eponymous X³: Albion Prelude. It is available immediately when selecting the Argon Peacekeeper gamestart, whereupon the player begins the game in Argon Sector M148 flying a well-equipped Nova Prototype with 30,000 credits to his name. It is also possible to start the plot with all but the Terran Commander and Aldrin Adventurer gamestarts, after attaining the Argon rank of Accepted Adviser.

It is a relatively short plot and well-worth completing for the rewards, which include the unique Aamon Prototype, a fighter containing a hybrid of Terran and Commonwealth technologies. Completion will also activate war reports, and is a necessary prerequisite to begin the game's other plots.

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8 August 2013

  • X Rebirth now has a release date. [1] Egosoft have announced it will be released on 15 November 2013.

15 May 2013

  • X³: Albion Prelude 3.0 has been released. [2] It includes new missions, new ships, new plots and long-awaited Xbox 360 controller support.

8 January 2013

  • Argonopedia is now one year old!

24 July 2012

  • The X³: Albion Prelude 2.5 patch has been released. [3] Along with various bug fixes this patch finally brings Terran players up to par with their Commonwealth counterparts.

14 May 2012

  • Argonopedia is officially launched! We are currently in need of editors and will be requiring administrators in the near future, so please register and help us build the definitive X resource.

3 May 2012

  • Argonopedia is pleased to announce our partnership with X-Lexikon, the German-language X series wiki. We will be adding interwiki language links to articles on both websites so you can easily switch between the two.

18 February 2012

  • The X-Universe timeline is complete, detailing all of the important events throughout its history.

25 January 2012

  • Argonopedia has reached 250 articles!

18 January 2012

  • Our map for X³: Albion Prelude is now complete. However, unlike previous games the changes aren't all additions, as some old sectors have been rendered inaccessible due to the gate network starting to fail.
  • The walkthrough for the Albion Prelude plot is also up, so take a look if get stuck.

17 January 2012

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