Albion Pride

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Albion Pride
Albion Pride.png
X³: Albion Prelude
Race Argon
Class M6(X3AP), PL(XR)
Price (Cr) -
Hull 380,000
Speed (m/s) 78.5-157.0
Accel. (m/s²) 15-30
Steering (rpm) 20.9-41.8
Shield 3 x 200 MJ
Shield gen. (MW) 3.250
Laser (MJ) 11,500
Laser gen. (MW) 1,350
Cargo 750-1,350
Cargo class L
Hangar -
Guns Main (4x):
Impulse Ray Emitter
Particle Accelerator Cannon
High Energy Plasma Thrower
Mass Driver
Phased Repeater Gun
Experimental Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon
Prototype Matter/Anti-Matter Launcher
Back turret (1x):
Impulse Ray Emitter
Particle Accelerator Cannon
Phased Repeater Gun
Missiles Mosquito Missile
Wasp Missile
Dragonfly Missile
Silkworm Missile
Hornet Missile
Disruptor Missile
Firefly Missile
Thunderbolt Missile
Tempest Missile
Hurricane Missile
Cyclone Missile
Tornado Missile
Typhoon Missile
Firestorm Torpedo
Aurora Missile
Remote Guided Warhead
Beluga Missile
Hammerhead Missile
Rapier Missile
Firelance Missile
Wildfire Missile
Windstalker Missile
Banshee Missile
Availability -
This multi-purpose craft was conceived by Argon Shipwrights as a long range reconnaissance ship for use within the Terran Solar System. It is unknown how many of these ships exist but some have been sold to major corporations as personal command ships for high-ranking executives.
—Encyclopedia description, 2946/776, X³: Albion Prelude
Encyclopedia - Historical ships - Pride of Albion - This prototype built by Jonferco in 2932 was a technical masterpiece based on blueprints by the Engineer Bala Gi. Its great flexibility in engine performance as well as weapon, shield and hull technology would have made it the first choice for any military organization. The model however never got into mass production, due to the excessive costs in building the main structure.
The only prototype was bought by the Argon government and played an important role in the Terran Conflict as well as the Plutarch Revolution in Albion, where it was registered under the Teladi Faalos Disanos Huunas I. The ship was last seen heavily damaged in a massive battle against the Plutarch Mining Corporation and was registered as lost in action.
—Encyclopedia description, 2972/802, X Rebirth

The Pride of Albion is a one of a kind Argon M6 corvette. It only appears during the Albion Prelude plot in the hands of Faalos Disanos Huunas I. It is the only ship you can fly in X Rebirth, now known as the Albion Skunk.

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