Albion Alpha

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Albion Alpha
Owner Argon
Security Border
Population ?
Planets ?
Suns (%) ?
Gate dist. (km) ?
East Albion Beta
Discovered during recent exploration, Albion was identified by JSDD as one of several sectors in the running to be their new Headquarters, where they could conduct research into more advanced and potentially unstable technology away from stringent Argon oversight and without placing innocent lives at risk. Following the deployment of several Jonferco-built Trans-Orbital Accelerators, the sector was rechristened Albion Alpha, and for undisclosed reasons the gate was towed to the region now known as Albion Gamma. The sector now houses a mixture of high-tech factories and mines. A further facility also resides within this sector; however little information is available due to highly restricted access. This has fuelled numerous rumours about this station's purpose, the most widespread being that potentially-illegal AI research is conducted there with the knowledge and consent of the Argon government.
—Map description, X³: Albion Prelude
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