Akeela's Beacon

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Akeela's Beacon
Akeela's beacon.jpg
Owner Argon
Security Border
Population ?
Planets ?
Suns (%) ?
Gate dist. (km) ?
South Legend's Home
West Aladna Hill
The ageing but brilliant nuclear scientist, Akeela Hartnell, had one dream: to create a string of artificial suns that would light her way, and provide solar power for the ever expanding colonisation of sectors and planets by all races. The vessel that would allow Akeela to see her dream set off on its journey, but as it cleared the Omicron Lyrae system the ship was hit by an asteroid travelling so fast that it was virtually impossible to avoid, greatly damaging the ship. The crew, except for Akeela, disembarked and made their escape from the ship at best speed. Akeela succeeded in getting the ship away from the inhabited sectors, but the resulting explosion changed the sectors gate that locked onto the Aladna Hill sector. For a project that nearly ended in disaster, Akeela's Beacon is her gift to the people of the galaxy. A request by Akeela's last will and testament asked that the Argon govern the new system, but it should be a free place, and a safe haven for all traders. The four glowing stars that once graced this sector, - the result of Akeela's dream, are all but faded and gone. Yet her dream remains in the hearts of many, and so the sector is named after her.
—Map description, X³: Albion Prelude
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